About us

Helping humanity thrive by putting technology to better use.

We believe that every entrepreneur has a larger-than-life vision and wants to change the world. So we’ve built Lumi to empower those who use technology for social and environmental benefit.

We're a team of design, product, marketing and strategy experts. We’ve worked with some of the biggest and most successful companies in the world, including Trello (Atlassian), Robokiller (IAC), Burberry, Lloyds Bank, Kayak and much more. We’ve also founded our own startup businesses.

After finding success in traditional businesses, we wanted to have positive impact on real people. In 2019, we started seeking out mission-driven tech entrepreneurs to support them on their journeys.

Thanks to our entrepreneurial experience and knowledge of inner workings of big companies, we bring a comprehensive set of creative and strategic skills. We apply everything we know to our client work, to deliver products that bring growth.


Milosz Falinski photo

Milosz Falinski

Going through two startup acquisitions before the age of 30, Milosz had a lot of experience with successful products. While known for his ability to chart pathways towards ethical business growth, Milosz originally worked as a designer and illustrator, honing his skills with tech giants like IAC, Trello, Atlassian and countless others. He founded and leads the Digital For Good community in Scotland.
Aleksandra Boguslawska photo

Aleksandra Boguslawska

With an exciting career as a marketing expert, writer and traveller, Aleksandra worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. Passionate about sustainability and wellbeing, she looks to steer technology to have maximum positive impact on people and the planet. When not designing or writing bestselling books, she's growing vegetables in her garden.

Our Values

People-centred from start to finish, we are guided by the values we deeply believe in. They're what you can expect of us at every stage of working together.

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Informed Optimism

While we do keep up with the news, we also believe in humanity. So let’s make this world a better place, everyone ✌️

An eye

Authentic & simple

Your customers seek order and beauty in a chaotic world. We achieve it together by keeping things simple and true to what’s really important to you.


Co-creation & sharing

We work together, as partners. Your impact and success are top priority, so we share our knowledge and experience openly.

A pen

Delightful by design

Design is how you communicate your vision, how it works, how it feels. We draw on deep experience in design, systems, psychology and business for the ultimate balance.

Working at Luminous

Want to use your skills to transform the world for the better?

If you’d like to work with purpose driven leaders and design products and services that matter, give us a shout. Send us your CV/Portfolio at careers@lumi.design.

Ready to leverage technology to realise your vision?