Lumi design is about collaboration, openness and positive impact.

We’re building Lumi to help address the biggest social and environmental challenges ahead of us.

We started Lumi with a singular goal in mind: to help tech startups address the social & environmental challenges ahead of us. To help the world become Carbon Neutral by 2050 and to ensure we don't all go crazy in the process. That's why we primarily work with climate tech, mental-wellbeing, finance (the good kind) and social impact companies.

In the past, we've worked at and with some of the biggest tech and marketing companies in the world, including Trello (Atlassian), Robokiller (IAC), Anthemis, Kayak, Visit Thailand and much more. We’ve started and sold our own startup businesses.

Now, we put all of our strategic and creative experience together into our sprint – Product Lab. To help founders learn faster, address real people’s needs and succeed in the long run.


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Milosz Falinski

Sold his first business to Atlassian in 2017. Had held product & design leadership roles at various high-growth startups. Turns chaos into clarity and provides jaw-dropping business insights. One of the few remaining optimists in technology.
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Aleksandra Boguslawska

Led marketing campaigns with biggest brands in the world. Award-winning travel writer. Excels at translating vision into customer-centered journeys. Bad font choices keep her up at night.
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Alex Furey

Founded and co-founded sustainability startups in the events and e-commerce spaces. Zero waste expert and sharing economy advocate. Thrives on building and nurturing partnerships and relationships. Airbnb and sleeper train enthusiast.


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Our Values

Informed Optimism

Informed Optimism

We know building a business or saving our climate are not easy. That doesn’t mean we shouldn't give it our best!
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To build anything, you need a solid foundation. That’s why our team always puts integrity at the core.
Authenticity and simplicity are always our priority

Authentic & simple

Your customers seek order and beauty in a chaotic world. We achieve it together by keeping our process simple and true to what’s important.
Bringing joy and delight to customers

Delight & joy

Design is how you communicate your vision, how it works and how it feels. We always strive to make your product lovable to your customers.