Thea Bringing real-time collaboration to precision engineering.

Thea is a first of its kind of collaborative environment. Designed and built for precision engineering, it provides what no-one else on the market can: real-time collaboration on models of any size, right from your browser. We partnered with Thea team to help them shape the exciting vision and technology into a real product, beautifully designed for flexibility and scale.

Thea's interfaceLumi Designed Thea viewer's user interface


Translate vision and technology into a product

Thea is a new venture by a well-established company that works with clients in engineering, medical and education markets every day. James and his team knew the problem and the market really well. They developed working tech demos and prototypes, proving feasibility. They had a clear understanding of the challenge and a clear vision to tie it all together. They came to us with the challenge: How do you shape all of it into an intuitive product you can build a business around?

Design an interface that makes collaborating on complex 3D models intuitive in the browser

The tech demos were really complex. They required technical knowledge, used niche terminology and were simply proofs of concept. Our task was to make the functionality accessible and intuitive even to non-technical users and empower them with familiar collaboration tools like chat and comments to include them in the process — in the browser, without the need to install any additional tools.

What we did

UX/UI Design
Design Strategy
Business Design
Icon Design
Landing Page Design
Screenshot of Thea's Interface which Lumi designed

“As a result of the process, the model viewer is simple, yet intuitive. It allows users to view and collaborate on complex files of gigantic sizes from anywhere, using their browser.”

Viewer of top level Thea interface

“It was important that we let our users collaborate on multiple projects at a time. This way Thea can be used by corporations, engineering firms and universities with ease.”

Mockup of how users use Thea

“Thea allows anyone to view professional-grade 3D models from anywhere, and collaborate on them together. This revolutionizes complex approval and compliance processes.”


Easy-to-use product with a beautiful interface

Working on Thea has really been a great example that design is how vision and technology come together. Taking technical prototypes, James' vision to bring true real-time collaboration to an industry ripe for innovation, could really only be done through careful, considered design. We delivered all the interfaces and the landing pages, but more importantly, we helped translate the team's vision, intentions and technology into a beautiful experience.

First, we delivered the viewer interface, delivering a beautiful and extendable design system that the tech team can easily modify and adapt as their needs grow. We also delivered the management interface and helped design the business model that is both scalable and closely reflects the needs of customers.

The result is a product that James and his team can build a business around. When you use Thea, it feels obvious, like there never was a time when it didn't exist.

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