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Sure, we make apps &
websites. But there’s so much more to it. We help our clients learn faster, grow their audience and build a global business.

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Your sustainable growth is our North Star

We use design, product and growth practices we learned at the worlds coolest tech companies, to drive your business towards sustainable success. Focusing on product-market fit from day one, we help our clients achieve strong traction, and set them up to scale consistently and efficiently.

Delivering delight to your customers

With real startup experience, we’ll help you turn exciting ideas, promising prototypes and early traction into breakthrough success. To every project, we bring deep customer understanding, extraordinary user experience and focus on the big vision.

Learn and refine, together.

With our outcome-focused process, we deliver a working prototype as early as possible – to test out, learn and evolve into a solution designed for the real world.

Discover how you can work with Lumi


Collaborate with our team to shed a new light on the challenges you’re solving. Understand the problem well and solutions will come naturally.

Prototype ideas with Lumi Design


Evaluate, test and iterate the minimum testable solution to your challenge. We’ll learn from real use and improve it before we even launch.

Launch your new product with help of Lumi Design


We launch the fully-tested, ready-to-love product into the market, learn from real customers and use the data to refine and grow.

Lumi brings expertise in growth tools to make your business successful


End of one journey is a start of another. We establish an experiment-driven growth process that lets your team learn and conquer.

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